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MDI is the exclusive custom print partner for Rehband in North America.



We’re CrossFitters, coaches, nutrition geeks, parents and life-long competitors. We started this company for two reasons: to make it easier for people to get quality, clean supplements and to help community-based fitness businesses improve their long-term profitability.

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UpLaunch helps modern gym owners build their empire with bulletproof marketing strategies backed by world-class software, training, and support.




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HERO WRAPS® are hand-made wrist support wraps made out of donated military uniforms. They are wrist wraps made in pairs and are used by athletes, CrossFitters and weight lifters to help stabilize and support the wrists while doing rigorous workouts and lifting heavy weights or gymnastic type movements.

sports & fitness

The never ending pursuit of innovation, it wasn’t just about building a better jump rope, it was about redesigning the concept of the most versatile piece of cardio machines on the planet. innovation is at the heart of everything we design, building it stronger, faster, better, and paying attention to every detail along the way.

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