Managed Store FAQ

A: There is a one time $399 setup fee and $70/month thereafter.


  • As a Managed Store Client, you are entitled to the following Perks:
  • MDI will Build out your store
  • MDI Will Launch Marketing Graphics
  • Access to template graphics for free
  • Give 1 hour per month of done-for-you site updates
  • Quarterly customized Marketing graphics
  • Access to over 300 plus customizable designs free of charge
  • Free shipping on orders $100 or more
  • Access to anything we offer in an on-demand one-off basis. This means you can get singles like coaches shirts, anniversary gifts, and anything else as just one piece. This would be cheaper than any online or physical retail establishment and it would all have your logo on it. Think Costco, but for your brand!
  • Online Commissions: You receive 25% of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for anything on the store. If you decide to mark the items up above our RRP, you would receive 100% of that additional amount.

  • A: It's easy! Watch this short video below on how to adjust the price settings.

    A: Click on the 'Decorated Products' section and click on 'Create Decorated Products'. Select your products, click 'Save and Continue' and you can upload your graphics and preview what the design will look like. Watch the video below:

    Welcome box faq


  • Shipping & Handling: Approximately $14 (can vary if different items are chosen from the core offering)
  • Per Cubic Foot Monthly Storage Fee: $2 per cubic foot (average is $8/mo)
  • Per Item Cost: Will be quoted upon filling out the Welcome Box Curation Form
  • Picking Fee for Stored Items (, stickers...): $0.95/item

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